“You made sure we applied to schools correctly and made sure we got it out of the way early.”


-Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student,

class of 2016

"I was finished a little early, and I had time to review each part of my application while many of my peers were scrambling to finish."

-UC Santa Cruz student,

class of 2019

"No way we could do this without you!"

-Parent, 2012

"I loved working with UniVarsity because it helped narrow down what I really needed to accomplish in the recruiting and admissions process."

-Dominican University student,

class of 2015

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Univarsity to any high school student. The college process can be incredibly daunting; it’s so relieving to have experts to walk you through every step of the process.”


-Barnard College student,

class of 2021

“I liked the constant support and encouragement that I got from all members of the team. The most helpful part of the process was getting my essays done early. That saved me from stressing about what to write about while all my friends hadn't even begun theirs!”

-Chapman student, class of 2020

“She loves her classes, her dorm, her floor and her roommate. She’s made great friends, and how found it to be a very supportive environment. We are very happy with how it all worked out!”


- Bryn Mawr College parent

"The team gets to know you and are really invested in helping you find the perfect college for you.  I wouldn’t have been able to get through this process without them... I credit my amazing track record for college acceptances to this team.”


-University of Pennsylvania student, class of 2021

“Thank you for your invaluable guidance!”


 -University of Arizona parent

“Everything you did for me was incredibly helpful and was very appreciated by me and my parents. Your advice and feedback on my college essays was especially helpful!”


-UCSC student, class of 2021

"Nicole really wants every client to succeed and does her best to match students with colleges."

-Parent, 2014

"Getting into college is tougher than ever. [UniVarsity] helps even the odds of success in your student’s favor."

-Parent, Class of 2010

“I will definitely recommend you to other parents, because you made everything so much easier for our daughter and ourselves when it was time to pick up a college, talked with coaches, fill paperwork, give her the confidence she needed, etc.”


-Rhodes College Field Hockey parent

"The process was so much less stressful because I knew I had someone who could help me along the way!"

-Loyola University Chicago student,

class of 2019

Things have changed since I applied for college back in the dark ages, and the process is much more detailed and she would not have gotten through it without your guidance and support.”

-High Point University parent

“I appreciated that Univarsity kept him organized.  I was particularly impressed with the assistance he was provided over the summer to create and finalize his essay. Even our son was glad he worked hard on the essay, and basically completed it, along with picking his list of schools, by the time he started his senior year. It made his (and my) life a whole lot easier.”


-UC Berkeley parent

“I would absolutely recommend UniVarsity, and have done so to several of my friends. I can't put into words how thankful I am to have had your guidance throughout my high school years.”


-Swarthmore College student,

class of 2017

"I could not have gotten through this crazy year without you. You truly put your times, dedication, and heart into this amazing work you do."

-Fordham University student,

class of 2021

I can't tell you what a relief it was to have him complete his applications without my assistance. You provided insight into other schools and general knowledge about the whole process.”


-University of Houston parent

"The knowledge of details [and] the sound advice my kid got from Nicole. Priceless."

-University of Oregon parent

“We loved working with UniVarsity because it took the burden of keeping our daughter motivated out of our hands and kept most of the stress of choosing a school and applying out of our home.”

-Amherst College parent

“I loved being able to discuss my plans for college with a third party; it was so helpful to have another adult outside of my parents to talk to because it really allowed me to focus on what I specifically wanted and find the college that is going to be the best fit for me.

-Swarthmore College student,

class of 2017

"It was really helpful to have someone help me through the whole process of applying, talking to coaches, writing essays, etc. the most helpful was with writing and with finding the right college for me. The [college] list [Nicole] had picked out for me was very helpful."

-UC Santa Cruz student,

class of 2017

"I appreciated that Univarsity kept [my son] organized regarding test taking dates and application deadlines. I was particularly impressed with the assistance he was provided over the summer to create and finalize his essay."

-UC Berkeley parent

"In the end, I had so many options open, and it was just a matter of seeing where my heart was. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t choose any other way."

-UC Santa Cruz student,

class of 2019

I’m so thankful that I had your help during the whole admissions/application process. I’m 100% sure that I made the right choice. 

-Boston University student,

 class of 2020

“I really like the personal one on one attention she had during the entire process, what I like the most is that I feel you gave her all the tools she needed to be confident to apply for classes, roommate, sport team, general college involvement.”


-Rhodes College parent


Here are just a FEW reasons we were so pleased:

-the process is so well organized

-the student is 100% involved 

-search for colleges was made easy with your programs

-your process took away any potential stress for the parents

Thank you for all of the meetings and encouragement!! We would absolutely recommend UniVarsity!!

 -UCLA parent

“I can not Thank You enough for recommending Trinity University. So far it has been absolutely amazing for him."

 -Trinity University parent

"Without UniVarsity, there’s no way I could have kept all the deadlines straight, critiqued my own essays, sorted out which things needed to go to which schools, or even be able to find and narrow down which colleges were good fits."

-UC Santa Barbara student,

class of 2016

“I liked how easy you made the process of applying to colleges. My family and I would've been lost without you guys.”

-Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student,

class of 2016

“The most helpful process was narrowing down colleges right from the start by what I specifically was looking for. It made the college search less daunting. I would definitely recommend you guys because I found the perfect college for me and I never felt like I was stranded or on my own.”

-Brandeis University student,

class of 2019

Nicole works with the student to develop a realistic, student-centered college list with the focus on the right "fit" for that student. Our son is absolutely LOVING Chicago and Loyola.  It is a perfect fit for him.


-Loyola University of Chicago parent


"If I could give just one piece of advice to any parent with a college-bound student, I’d urge them to have someone like Nicole in their corner."

-University of San Francisco parent, 2014

"I wouldn't have been able to do it without you! I appreciate everything you have done for me."

-Muhlenberg College student,

class of 2020

“University offered the most personalized application experience.”


-Chapman student, class of 2020

"I loved that you were able to get through to [our daughter] things that she would not listen to us “parents” about."

-Parent, 2015

With the help of Univarsity’s editing and grammar team and, I felt confident that every application I submitted was my best work.”


- Barnard College student,

class of 2021


"I loved that if there was a question, I could say, 'Call Nicole-she’s the expert!' "

-Parent, 2015

"Like a great sommelier, [Nicole] listened to what [our daughter] wanted, to what we could afford, to what we all liked, and came up with a great fit."

-University of Puget Sound parent, 2016

“I would recommend because I’d honestly be lost in the process had it not been for you.”


-UC Berkeley student,

class of 2020

"[Nicole] has such knowledge about so many colleges, even one’s we’ve never heard of!"

-High Point University parent

"Nicole, you are so knowledgeable in all the areas of concern: campuses, recruiting, trends, how to interpret coaches' correspondences. We learned a lot of things we would've never known, I am very happy about our choice to work with UniVarsity."

-Seattle University parent

"...my first semester was great! I got involved with many things on campus socially that kept me extremely busy."

-Creighton University student,

 class of 2020

“UniVarsity doesn’t just help you get into college; they help find the right college for you... Not everyone wants to attend a big school, or a small school, or a liberal arts school, or a state school, etc... and that’s okay!"


-Barnard College student,

class of 2021

"In the end I had so many options open, and it was just a matter of seeing where my heart was. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t choose any other way."

-UC Santa Cruz student, Class of 2019

"After looking around both coasts of the country, weighing all the options, I'm so happy to be able to say I've found my dream college.”


-UCSC student, class of 2019

"I never felt stressed or pressured to get something done, and my choices and wants with a school were always supported"

-Lehigh University student,

class of 2016

I would recommend UniVarsity. Looking back on it all, I don't know if I could have applied to as many schools, and spent as much time as I did on each application without your help and expert planning. I had time while many of my peers were scrambling. In the end, I had so many options. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't choose any other way.”​


-UC Santa Cruz student,

class of 2019

"I am oh so excited to be heading to New York this fall, & you have to know that you were the light the guided me there."

-Fordham University student,

class of 2021

“Its surprising how little parents know about what it takes to get into college these days, and how a good independent counselor can give your child the “edge” they need to get into the college of their choice.”

-UC Berkeley parent

“Nicole works with the student's strengths and preferences to create a college list that is realistic. The best part of working with UniVarsity is that our daughter did the work with Nicole, and we were able to focus on being parents!”

- Fordham University parent

I know you have saved us a huge amount of stress and time! Thank you!!! Our son really enjoyed working with you too & you have really helped to ignite his curiosity and excitement about college. Looking forward to the next step in this journey!”

-Loyola University Chicago parent

“Keeping on track and organized made it a stress free and an enjoyable process. Worked well with my teenager, made her more accountable and invested in the process of choosing and applying to colleges. We felt like her best interest was your priority and that you genuinely cared about her success.”


-Arizona State parent

"It was so wonderful to have a competent professional oversee the very complicated process of college applications. Nicole was able to assist us in navigating the overwhelming process of finding, applying, and accepting the ideal college for our daughter."

-Parent, 2014

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