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Initial Consultation

  • Introduction to the college planning, including the recruiting process if applicable

  • Initial assessment of student’s progress and goals; both academic and athletic

  • Discussion of merit/athletic vs need-based aid

  • Personalized academic plan and suggested testing schedule for your student

Comprehensive College Search and Application Package
  • Access to UniVarsity Student Portal

  • Overview of college admissions and athletic recruiting

  • Review academic record and advise on course selection

  • In depth discussion of college choices with parent and student

  • Develop standardized testing plan

  • Review and suggest extracurricular activities, summer options, community service, and work experience

  • Develop initial list of target schools

  • Help plan college visits, including admissions and coach interviews

  • Guidance on contact with college coaches (phone calls, letters, showcase tournaments, clinics, etc)

  • Finalize list of schools

  • Compilation of activities and athletic resumes

  • Financial aid overview and timeline

  • Essay brainstorm, feedback, and final editing

  • Review Applications

  • Mock college interviews, if appropriate

  • Acceptance list & merit/athletic offer advisement

  • Phone, Zoom, and email support, as needed

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