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Madi Ingrassia
The University of Southern California,
Class of 2025


We asked some of our former students to report back about their college experience so far. Madi is our highlight for June! Here's what she has to say about her campus.

Doing anything fun on the weekends?


"I’ve found a home church in LA called Reality LA, and it’s amazing! I try to go every Sunday, usually with a group from Christian Challenge, but if I can’t make it in person they have an online Livestream. I recently was invited to lead worship for them as well. Besides that, LA is always full of life. There are always concerts in the area, athletic games to go to, West Hollywood is very close by, the movie theater at LA Live is great, Koreatown is just up the street, along with the Century City and Culver City malls (Century City is my favorite). I also like to go home sometimes on the weekend since it’s close.."

What (did UniVarsity help you with most?


"I initially would say working on the essays helped the most, because I never would have rewritten so many times had I not had someone to help me understand what colleges were actually looking for. However, the activities list/resume has actually proved to be so useful! I still use it today to format my resume to send to employers, and it’s gotten me an internship and a summer job already :)."

What are some of the things you like about college?


"Some of the things I like: - the independence that comes with living at school - being in complete control of your education and what you study - the endless opportunities USC gives to expand your education; minors, progressive degree programs, pre-law advising, 3+3 law degree program, etc etc"


What are you studying/involved in?


"What I’m studying/involved in: - In pre-law advising track, majoring in Music Industry (B.S.), minor in Entertainment Industry, Progressive Degree Program (PDP) in Marketing (M.M.) - a member of USC Christian Challenge, Snow Club, USC Concerts Committee, and planning on rushing next spring! 3. What is something that surprised/excited me about USC? - USC has a farmers market on campus every Wednesday! - I’ll be able to get my bachelor's, a minor, and my masters all in 4 years (and 2 summers)."


What is something that surprised you about college?

"The Progressive Degree Program is amazing! There are several master's programs that offer the PDP option, and they usually take an extra year but I was able to squeeze everything into my schedule. I’ll still need to apply to the program and be accepted in my junior year, but my advisor worked with me on creating the best schedule so I could graduate on time. - Specific to the Thornton School of Music, most if not all of the professors have professional jobs in the music industry. My Intro to the Music Industry professor just won the grammy for Album of the Year! It’s a testament to why they’re teaching; they don’t need to be there, they want to be there to teach and help their students succeed in the industry."

What is a fun fact you have learned about your college?

"Fun fact about USC - Burger Crush inside Tutor Campus Center has $1 soft serve cones! Also, pro tip, for about $9 a month you can get a free cookie from Insomnia EVERY DAY! Also also, there’s a cupcake ATM outside the bookstore :)."

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