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Kyra Kawamura at ASU & Barrett Honors!

We asked some of our former students to report back about their college experience so far. Kyra is our highlight for June! Here's what he has to say about campus.

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What are you majoring in?


"Having initially pursued a major in Communications, I found ASU's flexibility regarding major changes to be valuable. Transitioning to Psychology in the upcoming semester was a seamless process, reflective of ASU's commitment to accommodating students' evolving interests and career aspirations."

Fun Fact About ASU?

"One of ASU's hidden gems is its NCAA Division 1 hockey team, that was ranked 11th early this season and sells out the student section almost every game.  I would've never thought ASU would have a good hockey team, but after witnessing the team's success firsthand it is now my favorite sport to watch."

What did UniVarsity Help You With?

"Thank you to UniVarsity again for introducing me to The Barrett Honors College at ASU. Without a doubt, it was the best decision I have made. Your assistance has led me to a college experience that  truly aligns perfectly with what I wanted."

What do you like about ASU & Barrett?

"Barrett the Honors College at ASU has consistently created an environment where I feel deeply supported and valued as a student. The personalized guidance I receive, both from my major advisor and the dedicated Barrett advisor, has been significant in shaping my educational path. To continue, what truly sets Barrett apart is its close knit community, going to the dining hall or honors hall to study and knowing pretty much everybody makes a big school like ASU feel smaller."


What is something that surprised you

about ASU?

"The aspect that pleasantly surprised me the most upon arriving at ASU was the manageable class sizes. Unlike the massive lecture halls I had encountered during tours of UC campuses, ASU's classrooms felt refreshingly smaller, with the largest class accommodating around 150 students. To add on, my smaller honors class has roughly 20 students, as well as my English and communication courses with approximately 35 classmates. Additionally, the accessibility of professors, who promptly respond to emails and hold regular office hours, highlights ASU's commitment to student success."

What are you doing on the weekends?


"My involvement in Greek Life has further enriched my college experience, helping to create meaningful connections and lasting friendships in a community where I initially knew very few people. As well as raising funds for a great cause, Guide Dogs for the Blind and The Foundation for Blind Children. Additionally, my participation in Kesem, an organization dedicated to supporting children affected by parental cancer, has been rewarding. I also have a tutoring job through ASU, participating in a program called America Reads. ASU students are matched with K-8th grade children living in low income areas and provide mentoring and academic tutoring tailored to the child’s needs. In my role, I create and teach lesson plans and deliver instruction at a local Boys and Girls Club. I do not have a car on campus so ASU graciously provides transportation."

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