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Aidan Cheng at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo!

We asked some of our former students to report back about their college experience so far. Aidan is our highlight for July! Here's what he has to say about campus.

Palm Trees

What is something that surprised you

about SLO?

A fun fact about Cal Poly SLO is that there is this thing called the tri-tip challenge where if you hike the three peaks the campus is surrounded by, you can go to a restaurant in downtown SLO called Firestone Grill and they give you a free tri-tip sandwich.

What did UniVarsity Help You With?

Univarsity helped me with expanding my options and finding the pros and cons about each school. They helped me find the best match that would fit my taste and personality.

What do you like about SLO?

"Some of the things I like about college are that I have more free time since I only have class for a couple hours a day. My schedule is much more flexible than high school. I also like that I am in a new environment.


What are you majoring in?


I am studying Biomedical Engineering and I'm involved in different engineering clubs such as Engineers without borders

-Something that surprised me about college is that it was not that hard of a transition to make. I felt very comfortable by the end of my 2nd week.

What are you doing on the weekends?


On the weekend I love to go to the beach and go on hikes. I do a lot of fun stuff with new friends.

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