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Student Highlight

Emma Hastie at the Grinnell College

What are some of the things you like about Grinnell College?

 "I am a Philosophy and Studio Art double major at Grinnell College. One thing I like about Grinnell is the general academic environment. The class sizes are about a maximum of 20 people, and all my professors have been great. I have also been able to successfully balance my academic workload with my social life. Furthermore, a large part of our student body is international students, so there are many events that showcase the various cultural traditions and holidays celebrated by many members of our student body. Some of these events include Diwali, a Festival of Lights, and Holi, a festival of colors. The photo you see is of my friends and I after we threw powdered color at each other for Holi. This was definitely one of the highlights of my college experience thus far. "

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What are you involved in?

As for things I am involved in, a recent endeavor of mine is creating a new publication at my university. This publication is a fashion magazine inspired by the student body at my university with the mission to showcase the diversity and various identities represented in our community. The school funds the entire publication process as well. I am also planning to host a weekly radio show with one of my good friends this coming semester. Additionally, I plan to study abroad in Denmark during the fall semester of my fourth-year, which I am quite excited for. There are many opportunities to study abroad during the academic year and also during the summer. As for fun things to do, I would definitely invest in a bike.

What is something that surprised or excited you about college?

During my first-year, every weekend there were also themed events in the Harris Center on campus, which were a lot of fun. We also had a lot of bands and music artists come perform on campus as well.

What did UniVarsity help you with most?

"Without the help of UniVarsity, I would have never even known about Grinnell College, and UniVarsity’s suggestions for colleges to apply to made the entire process a little less daunting. I will forever be thankful for the help!"

Fun fact you have learned
about Grinnell?

"The Grin City Bakery in town also has the best donuts you will ever find. During the winter, my friends and I always go sledding by the football field on campus. The winters can get quite cold though, so prepare yourself for that and invest in a nice parka. Overall, it’s quite manageable to balance your academic and social life. Some advice I would give is to get involved and take advantage of the many funded opportunities the school has to offer to create the college experience you want for yourself. You have to put effort into it."

Doing anything fun on the weekends?

"On the weekends, my friends and I like to go for bike rides and we usually end up surrounded entirely by cornfields, which is quite a surreal yet peaceful experience. The town of Grinnell is quite small and is essentially surrounded by cornfields, so at times it may feel like you are living in a bubble. When my friends and I start feeling this way we usually take a day trip to either Des Moines or Iowa City to get a change of scenery. In Grinnell, adventuring to the Second Mile Thrift Shop is also a must. The Hazelwood Cemetery is also a beautiful place to bike to. Grinnell’s varsity soccer, basketball, and volleyball games are also quite fun to watch."

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