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Alex Van Nieuwenhuysen at Willamette,
class of 2026 at!

We asked some of our former students to report back about their college experience so far. Alex is our highlight for April! Here's what they has to say about campus.

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What is something that surprised you

about Willamette?

"While I knew WU was supportive, I was surprised by how supportive and nice everyone was. Professors and students are very friendly and it is super easy to make friends."

What did UniVarsity Help You With?

"Univarsity really helped me with staying on track when it came to applications. Applying for college is a very overwhelming process and it can be hard to find where to start. I was very productive with Univarsity and barely overwhelmed as they provided a step-by-step process to get my applications done on time. I procrastinate a lot and if I didn't have the help from UniVarsity, I think I would have been a lot more stressed."

What do you like about Willamette?

" Campus is small but beautiful and it is easy to get around downtown. Oregon has lovely seasons where in the fall it cools down and the leaves change, and in winter it gets very cold. Professors are supportive of students and they care about the things they teach. Class sizes are small, the biggest class I have had was lecture-based and had around 25 students. This allows me to get to know my professors."


What are you majoring in?


"While I have not declared a major yet, I am most interested in psychology and possibly will double-major in Psychology and Art History. There are a lot of clubs on campus and I am part of the Millstream Sailors: a club where we sing and perform sea shanties! It's a lot of fun. I am also on the debate team as part of my scholarship."

What are you doing on the weekends?


"During the weekends I usually hang out with friends on campus. However, it is super easy to get to Portland as there is the train station right next to campus. I went to Portland to see a concert and visit my brother!"

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