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Emma Spurlock
The University of Iowa, Class of 2024

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We asked some of our former students to report back about their college experience so far. Emma is our highlight for May! Here's what she has to say about her campus.

What are some of the things you like about college?

"I love how welcome everyone is on campus, counselors are super helpful and have a lot of insight on things, and how there are so many resources available."


What are you studying/involved in?

"I am studying math education and am involved in dance marathon which is to help raise money for the children in the hospital."


What is something that surprised you about college?

"I was very scared going in about how I was going to meet people but since people here are so welcoming it made me feel a lot more comfortable in my dorm as well as my classes."


Doing anything fun on the weekends?

"I love hanging out with the people in my dorm on the weekends and going downtown."


What is a fun fact you have learned about your college?

"Fun fact was that almost every building on campus has some amazing history to it which I found very interesting."


What (did UniVarsity help you with most?

"They helped me so much with the college process and I felt very organized and prepared when coming here."

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