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College Tour Road Trips as Routes to Adulthood

College visits can be a chance for parents to start thinking of their kids in a more grown-up light.

In the pursuit of college acceptance, many parents sacrifice the chance to observe their child evolving. They may think they know their son or daughter because they’ve brainstormed together about A.P. classes and spring break voluntourism, but beneath their parents’ radar, teenagers are hosting backyard concerts, doing photo shoots, creating webisodes, making beer from hops they planted by the side of the house. Secure parents can watch this parade without getting judgmental or overinvolved, recognizing that self-expression is not a waste of time. Compassionate detachment and sincere curiosity are excellent ways to encourage self-exploration.

Learning who your children are and who they may grow to be is a process that takes a lifetime, and there are no shortcuts. Take the scenic route. read more

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