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The Counselor Recommendation

The school counselor recommendation is one of the most important and overlooked portions of the college admissions process. The Common Application has added two options for school counselors to decline sending an evaluation for students:

“I do not have sufficient personal knowledge of this student.”
 and “The demands of my counseling load do not afford me sufficient time.”

Your counselor helps admissions officers see you from a different academic perspective, outside of an individual classroom. At many schools, counselors often directly talk to admissions officers. More importantly, school counselors can be a source of guidance and experience throughout high school if you are able to make your relationship with him/her personal.

It is critical that you give school counselors a reason to write you evaluations by developing a personal connection and showing sincere effort in your academics and extracurricular activities.

So, how do you get to know your counselor? Click here to read more

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