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The Best Online Resources for SAT Prep

Here are a few of the best free online resources for SAT Prep:

1. The Collegeboard’s online companion – the CollegeBoard is providing explanations to every question in all of the 10 real tests they publish. Find them (plus option to take the practice tests online) here.

2. Khan Academy online – Here is the link to the list of sections. The test numbers as identified on the Khan site refer to the first edition of the CollegeBoard book, so either pick up a lightly used copy of that one (cheap on Amazon) or go to SAT Prep NY for a key to which Khan lesson applies to which test in the 2nd and 3rd editions. (Tests 4-10 in the newer editions are identical to Tests 2-8 in the 1st edition.)You can also download the entire collection to your computer or iPad – and it’s all free. Go to the Khan Academy Downloads page for a link to their collections at Apple’s iTunes U, go here for the iPad app.

3. – Want to hone your skills with a free new quickie SAT diagnostic tool? Check out their free SAT timed drills. The website uses MIT-developed algorithyms to adjust the test questions it throws your way for each of the 25 minute sections (one each for Math, Critical Reading and Writing/Grammar) in order to give you a fine-tuned prediction of your SAT score. Take the tests over again to raise your scores; the website keeps your records on your account. One tip: No explanations or identification of errors are provided, just your score, so take a screenshot as you go if you want to go over the questions later, especially any that you skip or guess on.

4. – Quizlet is an online flashcard app that allows you to make your own vocabulary flashcards or take advantage of premade sets, such as their roots/word webs collection which will help you guess well on new words which have familiar roots. Start with their SAT word collections and then add your own words based on new words you encounter in practice tests and in your readings and drills. There are also collections of flashcards for SAT Math formulas and fun vocab cards with pictures to help you learn the words more effectively.


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