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Q. Is there anything new about the UC applications this year?

A. The application is the same as last year’s and is straightforward and easy to fill out. The only change is the fee went up $10 from $60 to $70 for each campus to which you apply.

Q. Is it a good idea to do an admissions interview?

A. Yes, we think that usually it is a good idea to do an interview if the school offers the opportunity. Interviews may be on campus, in a remote city, or even over Skype. Some interviews are evaluative and some just provide information for prospective students. If the interview is for information (and often conducted by an alumni or current student) it won’t affect the student’s chances of being accepted. If however, the interview is considered evaluative, then it is another factor used by admissions to try to complete the picture of a given applicant. Information about interviews should be on the colleges’ websites.

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