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Sophomores – What To Do in June

For athletes, summer is a good time to start putting together criteria for a college list. Here’s why. College coaches can start actively recruiting athletes via email Sept. 1 of junior year. Usually, only very high profile athletes get contacted by coaches. Even if your daughter/son receives emails, you want to make sure that these schools are a good fit in other areas aside from athletics. For that matter, you want to make sure the athletic fit is good, too. UniVarsity recommends soliciting coaches at schools where several aspects other than athletics are a good match. We recommend contacting those coaches directly at the beginning of junior year. How to know who to contact? Students should be researching schools, investigating athletic teams, evaluating their own academic and athletic abilities, and establishing goals for where they want to be. Junior year is critical for both academics and athletics.

For non-athletes, summer is a good time to pursue a passion or to get some valuable experience. Is there a volunteer activity your child can do that relates to her/his interests? It’s not too late to develop new interests. Parents can be a big influence in helping their children plan a productive summer.

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