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Sophomores – What To Do in May

Parents, it may seem early, but this is an important time to get your teen thinking about the college process. While we don’t like to overwhelm students at this stage, they should start to think about things whether they want to stay close to home or will consider moving away. They should also have a feel for what kind of student they are and what subjects they like and don’t like. All of this information can be useful for starting to think about colleges. Is there any chance of visiting a school or two over the summer? Even if it’s a visit to a local school that can be done in an afternoon, this will help give students a frame of reference when evaluating colleges. We recommend sophomores visit 1 or more schools in which they are interested. Don’t push it! Everyone comes around to college readiness at their own time. It’s also a good idea to purchase a college guide. We recommend either Fiske Guide to Colleges, The Best 373 Colleges by Princeton Review, or the Insider’s Guide to the Colleges by the Yale Daily News. Fiske is the most well respected guide among Independent Educational Consultants. The Best 373 Colleges is good because it has quotes from students. The Insider’s Guide is completely written by students. If you can find someone to pass along a guide that is only 1-2 years out of date, it is current enough.

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