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Seniors – What To Do in April

By the time you receive this, seniors should most likely have answers from the colleges to which they applied. Parents, you might be waiting on financial aid information as some schools send it out as late as mid-April. If your son/daughter is weighing several choices, make sure to study the financial aid offers carefully. As you probably know, there is a big difference between what is known as “self-help” aid (read loans) and grants or scholarships which do not have to be paid back. This can make a significant difference in what you pay, and while it is probably not the only factor, it may be an important consideration. Parents, make sure your child is checking his/her email frequently; some schools require an extensive amount of very detailed information before they will finalize your offer. Here is a link to a Quick Reference Guide to Evaluating Financial Aid Award Letters. Questions? Call us!

Little known fact: many colleges are still accepting applications for Fall 2011. If your son or daughter is not happy with his or her current choices, please contact us and we can help you find a list of schools with late deadlines.

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