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Juniors – What To Do in April

Ok. If your son/daughter has not started thinking about college yet, NOW IS THE TIME! Finding a great fit requires a lot of discussion about geography, cost, academics, and what type of social situation is right for your child. In addition to all of this, students have to make sure they are a good academic fit for the schools on their list. Based on the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) State of College Admissions Survey, here are the top 10 things colleges are evaluating: 1. Grades in college prep classes, 2. Strength of curriculum, 3. Admissions test scores, 4. Grades in all classes, 5. Essays, 6. Demonstrated interest, 7. Teacher recommendation, 8. Counselor recommendation, 9. Class rank, 10. Extracurricular activities. In other words, the highest number of colleges listed grades in college prep classes as something that has “considerable importance” on admissions decisions.

Athletes: the recruiting process starts early and continues until late in the game. Students should recognize the urgent need to contact college coaches now to encourage them to see them compete, but there is still time. Technically, the recruiting process can go all the way until August 1 AFTER senior year. Of course, it make for a much more enjoyable senior year if athletes put the effort in now.

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