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Sophomores – What To Do in April

Here we go! The start of college admissions testing for many sophomores. If your son/daughter has an AP class this year, they have most likely signed up for the AP test. These tests are administered through the school and have standard test dates during the first two weeks of May. Common courses for 10th graders include World History (Thursday, May 12) and US History (Friday, May 6). Also recommended, for students planning on applying to selective schools are the SAT Subject Tests. Although no longer required for UC admission, some schools do require them, and many schools will look favorably on good scores. Most high school counselors recommend taking the test in the spring after completing the highest level of the subject. For example, students currently in AP US History should take the US History Subject Test this year. The dates are the same as regular SAT dates (May 7, 2011 and June 4, 2011 for this school year).

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