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Seniors – What To Do in March

Parents. We’re sure this has been a year of growth for your son/daughter. We know it’s been hard to stay a bit removed from the process as your “baby” writes essays, talks to admission officers, and sends in applications. If you want to get involved, here’s your chance! While you should have completed your financial aid applications, it is now critical for you to make sure your daughter/son is following up with all schools to which she/he has either been admitted to or has yet to have received a response. Colleges often send emails, but not always. Many schools rely on students to check their status on the student portal. Many times the colleges need additional information ranging from additional financial information, extra forms, or mid-year grades. It is also appropriate for parents to call the financial aid office to ask questions or discuss circumstances if your financial picture has changed.

Little known fact: many colleges are still accepting applications for fall 2011. If your son or daughter is not happy with his or her current choices, please contact us and we can help you find a list of schools with late deadlines.

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