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Juniors – What To Do in March

We feel like a broken record here, but the rigor of courses taken in high school is one of the most important criteria for selective colleges. Parents, please encourage your students to continue to challenge themselves in their course work. (We know, we know, they want to enjoy their senior year, and you are sick of nagging.) Although the basic requirement listed on a college website might be 2 years of a language, colleges really want to see at least 3. Similarly, 4 years of math is important. Often times, taking challenging classes is a way to make up for a few disappointing grades, or to help make a student a competitvie candidate for a highly selective school.

For athletes, showing success in tough classes helps coaches advocate for them in the admissions office. If an athlete doesn’t meet the minimum academic criteria for the school, it is very hard for her/him to get an acceptance letter. Although coaches can lobby for students, the final decision is ALWAYS with the admissions committee. The more competitive academically, the more opportunities athletically.

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