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Seniors – What To Do in February

As seniors start looking ahead to college in the fall, one item to consider is AP testing. While most families are aware that taking AP classes is important for acceptance into highly selective colleges, we often get asked: “exactly how important are the AP tests?”

The results of AP tests can impact college students in a couple ways. Many schools will give credit for AP classes if the student receives a 4 or 5 (or sometimes a 3) on an AP test. This can result in moving into a more advanced level of a subject in college and/or starting college with some units under your belt. The policies vary with each school and are subject to change.

While the way a college treats your AP exams may not be the deciding factor in which school your son or daughter chooses, the credits received for AP classes could decrease the overall amount you have to pay for college. If you would like to research the credit policy of a specific school, click here. You will be able to enter a college name, see their stated policy, and often link to their school’s AP policy page.

Good news! There is an important change to the AP tests for 2011. Unlike the SAT, students are no longer penalized for wrong answers.

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