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This month we share the latest inquiries from our readers:

Q. I just got the results of my PSAT. How do I interpret the results?

A. Very easy! The PSAT consists of 3 sections – Critical Reading, Math, and Writing – just like the SAT. To convert a PSAT score to a projected SAT score, add a zero to the end. For example, a PSAT total score of 170 is equal to an SAT score of 1700. As well, an individual section score of 45 is equal to 450 on the SAT.

Q. I’ve heard the ACT is better for some schools and the SAT is better for others. How do I figure out which one to take?

A. Things have changed in the admissions world. Now, every school that requires a standardized test will accept either the ACT or the SAT. There is a widely available concordance table that will convert scores from ACT to SAT and vice-versa.

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