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Sophomores – What To Do in February

This month, we’ll continue our discussion on summer programs. If you’ve been to a UniVarsity presentation, you know that we strongly believe in visiting schools that interest you. Ideally, these visits take place before your senior year so you don’t spend unnecessary time and money applying to schools you don’t want to attend.

Here are two ideas for summer that will allow you to see multiple schools on one trip. The first is Future College Athlete. Future College Athlete’s mission is “to assist high school athletes in finding the right college or university for them; AND play the sport they’re passionate about at the college level.” This can be a good way for student athletes to see a variety of schools in one trip. One of the benefits is that college coaches are invited to watch the daily practices. Each tour is sport specific.

A second option is similar, but not geared toward athletes. It is called District Tours and they organize spring break and summer tours. Students have the option of an east coast tour or a west coast tour.

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