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Student Highlight

Alexandra Biddle at the Boston College

What are some of the things you like about Boston College?

 "II am currently majoring in Communications and minoring in Sociology and Marketing at Boston College. I am involved in a tap dance group on campus and a mentorship program with underprivileged children in the greater Boston area. I love Boston College because it’s a school that truly encourages you to not only thrive academically but also enjoy your time as a college student. Through the school’s core curriculum, you can take classes that introduce you to many different disciplines, which helped me expand my academic interests."

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What are you involved in?

"Events like the Boston Marathon and football games really bring the Boston College community together to support the city of Boston and our school. Lastly, Boston College’s alumni network is incredibly welcoming and many students utilize various career programs like Endeavor and Eagle Exchange to give them a head start in discovering what they want to do in the future and how to make those connections that will get you there."

Doing anything fun on the weekends?

"On the weekends I will often go into Boston to go to various museums, concerts, and restaurants. Going on adventures and changing my surroundings is something I have found very useful in college so I do not get consumed by my school work."

What is something that surprised or excited you about college?

During my first-year, every weekend there were also themed events in the Harris Center on campus, which were a lot of fun. We also had a lot of bands and music artists come perform on campus as well.

Fun fact you have learned
about Boston College?

"TA fun fact about BC is that the lobby in Fulton Hall is said to have a "Wizard of Oz" theme seen in the silver lighting fixtures resembling the tin man's hat and other features. Although this theme was not the intention, the myth has definitely become a part of campus culture as it is perpetuated on almost every campus tour."

What did UniVarsity help you with most?

"Something UniVarsity helped me with was helping me identify my skills. By knowing how to do so, I feel that I have become an advocate for myself not only in a school setting but also when looking for internships and jobs."

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